Epic of Serinor: Time of Chaos

The Burning Plains

Reunited, the party follows rumors of fairy uprisings in halfling territory

Most of the gossip at the Glacier revolved around two events: a new civil war among the orcs, and an incursion of the fairies into halfling territory. After hearing the odd tidbit that the warring factions of orcs were both being led by generals named Keth, our heroes decided to investigate the strange behavior of the fairies. Aerin informed the party that fairies don’t rise up and invade places; their settlements are based around elemental hotspots which they dislike leaving. So that the fairies of Sheresar were making war on the halflings was more than odd: it was unprecedented in millenia of Serinor’s history.

Butch directed the Herds Against the Seagull to sail for Amunash, but everything around the halfling city seemed as tranquil and idyllic as ever. Mayor Rose Turner informed them quickly of the problems: the Great Plains beyond the void mountains to the south were burning. All of them.

“What do you mean, all of them?” Aerin asked.

“I mean all of them. Wildfires from Finn’s Pass down to the Bay of Thovas. You can see the glow through the pass from here at night.”

Butch blinked. “That be over 50 miles from here.”

Mayor Turner frowned at him. “I’m aware of the geography, thank you.”

After signing on as official heroes protecting the welfare of Amunash, the party set out for Finn’s Pass, the only route through the void mountains and into the Great Plains. The journey through the farmlands of the halflings was uneventful, though the orange glow to the south as they spent the night at a roadside inn was unnerving. They finally reached the pass just after sunset on the second day.

The landscape below the pass was hellish.

[Entry remains under construction]


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