Arboles Fuerte Zorn

Freed Lizardman looking for friends and family...


STR 22 6 CON 20 5 DEX 13 1 INT 8 -1 WIS 13 1 CHA 13 1

Hitpoints 105 AC 26 Fortitude 24 Reflex 19 Will 17

Resounding Warhammer +16 Flameburst Javelin +14


Fuerte as he is known to his new friends, Aerin, Butch and Chance, goes actually by the full name of Arboles Fuerte Zorn. He is a large freed lizardman. He is hard to miss in a crowd both for his size and stature and because of his bearing. He strives to free his kind from the tyranny of dragons.

To see the Lizardman is to see the motley state that the race of lizardman is in. He is predominately blue, but large portions of him are colored like the remainder of his kin. His feet and lower legs are shimmering gold, that Fuerte rarely shows; his tail a stunning, untarnished bronze which abutts a streak of red that runs up Fuerte’s spine to end at his head. His powerful thighs and lower torso are a stunning green, which gives Fuerte a powerful base for his preferred method of attacking… crushing your skull!

He prefers crushing after a horrific accident when he was working with Chance to interogate prisoners. He was horrified with the results of his axe’s handiwork, and promptly replied to Chance that “He was sorry he cut his face off wrong.”

While Fuerte is slow of thought, he does like to write as he can to his armsmaster which was more a father to him than any man that he has known or can remember. His armsmaster also fostered a love for climbing in Fuerte. So the lizardman is never far from his climbing kit.

The tragic story of Fuerte:

The Zorns had been a military family since the time of the lizardmen’s servitude to the dragons. They served as sergeants that marshaled the lizardmen under the direction of the dragon overseer. The clan became a powerful noble house during the days of the draconic absence. A great patriarch of the family, Fuerte, was an instrumental and inspiring warlord during that period that forged freed lizardmen. Arboles was created from a draconic ritual using the great general’s blood from the Zorn clan. His father, Fuego, was out on campaign against orcs in the forest when Arboles was hatched. In the tradition of free lizardmen, he was named by the father upon hearing the news. Fuego and hatchling brother were both on a campaign in the woods. They both decided to name their sons after the trees since they were informed of their hatching on the eve of Fuego’s greatest victory. The two, Arboles and Arbolis, became more than cousins. They were best friends and inseperable growing up. Arboles always had a size advantage over his hatchling cousin. He is currently 6’6 280lbs, dwarfing his cousin Arbolis by almost six inches and fifty pounds. Because of that difference in size between the hatchlings, the family gave him the nickname of Fuerte, after his forefather who was rumored to be as large as a dragon and after whom Arboles was named. The two hatchling cousins ran together so much that they decided to go to the military academy together so that they could add to their family’s rich martial heritage. They were both planning on becoming warlords and decided to be roommates at the academy which was located in the capital. Early on in his tenure at the academy, Arboles had an encounter with the arms master. The arms master did not like Arboles’ haughty attitude about his strength and prowess. He decided to knock him down a few pegs. After joining the spar with the young lizardman, he proceeded to unceremoniously put Arboles on his butt in two minutes flat. All his classmates laughed at Arboles; this humiliated the young noble born lizardman. He became angry with the arms master and came after him. He proceeded to hew through the wooden practice shield with a dull and nicked training axe. This forced the arms master to admit defeat; he asked Arboles his full name and decided from that moment on Arboles should only be known as Fuerte. After this rough start, the arms master and Fuerte buried the hatchet. In fact, Xenophon, the arms master took on Fuerte as a protégé during his years at the academy. As a large imposing warlord in training, Fuerte was sailing his way through his academy days. He was one of the strongest and most charismatic up and coming warlords. He was on his way to a choice assignment in the lizardman army. In fact most of his classmates were sure that he would get the choicest position, the captain of capital city’s guard. It was an elite regiment in the lizardmen army; it was the solid core of all campaigns carried out by the lizardman state. In fact one classmate, Brunt, a scion from an old and noble family that was late to accept that the dragon overlords were not coming back, wanted the position more than anyone else. His family had bribed everyone they could think of to get Brunt the position, but with Fuerte graduating at the same time, they were told no amount of gold could be used to make the Academy board overlook Fuerte for this position especially considering the standing of his father, Fuego. So Brunt was forced to hire a mercenary to knock Fuerte out of the way. One fateful night during his final year at the academy when Arbolis and he were having a late night sparring session, Fuerte was waylaid by an unknown assailant from the shadows. During a break in the spar for water, Arbolis turned and saw the attacker as he made his first strike against Fuerte. Before Arbolis could close the distance, Fuerte had been struck multiple times. The hired goon was wearing a cloak of furs. Fuerte was only able to grasp the stranger before succumbing to the multiple blows to the head. In fact as Fuerte fell to the ground, his faltering grasp released the plush fur-lined cloak. Arbolis was unable to stop the unknown foe who escaped as Fuerte collapsed. He woke the arms master and clerics to heal his hatchling cousin, but they were unable to succeed in their attempts to raise him from his stupor. Fuerte was unconscious and near death for months. The arms master cared for him as a son and protégé. Fuerte’s classmates graduated in the interim without him. The mysterious assailant was never identified or brought to justice. The roguish Brunt gained the captaincy of the capital’s city watch as he had hoped. The avaricious schoolmate got the plum position; Arbolis always suspected him of wrongdoing but could prove nothing. As his suspicions mounted Brunt used his family connections to have Fuerte’s cousin shipped out to a frontier post. After several months, Fuerte regained consciousness, but it was quickly realized that Fuerte was a dimwit. His father Fuego disowned him upon hearing this information, choosing rather to focus on their younger son, Drago, who would himself soon go to the academy to study. Xenophon did not have the heart to tell his young protégé about his father’s decision, so he stepped into the void for Fuerte. In fact he told the boy his name was Fuerte Arboles Zorn but nothing of his clan. It was a number of years before Xenophon revealed these truths. Upon learning of Fuerte’s situation, the academy board wanted to throw him out of the academy since he could no longer be a warlord. The arms master convinced them that this would be a mistake considering Fuerte’s natural talents. So Xenophon began training his dimwitted protégé, because he was huge, he was trained as a fighter. During his training, Fuerte was prone to fits of intense anger, and only stroking soft fur caused these feelings to subside. In the end Fuerte would become a grunt in an army for his efforts; an army he once might have led. Fuerte proved himself not only to be strong and tough, but also quite wise and dexterous for his condition. He never lost his charismatic personality, in many ways his lack of intelligence made it easier for men to follow him. After a short year, Fuerte was pressed into service for the army. He acquitted himself well. He would end up being a veteran of many campaigns and would be decorated by the lizardman army on four separate occasions. In fact he was able to gain a low rank in the army. After a number of campaigning years he was introduced to a promising, young officer who himself was fresh from a campaign against orcs. He was looking to replenish his company of men and saw Fuerte in the yard sparring with Xenophon. When the introductions were complete Drago recognized his brother, and the arms master was forced to tell the whole truth about Fuerte’s disownment. Despite his mentor’s lies, Fuerte did not need his fur to calm himself. He realized in his simplistic way that Xenophon had done what was necessary for him to survive all these years. Fuerte did decide to take back the name his true father, Fuego, had given him, although he never forgave his true father. After being reunited with his brother, Fuerte quickly transferred to Drago’s company. After a number of years on the campaign front, Fuerte was not only able to reconnect with his brother but his cousin Arbolis. Through his easy manner and charism, Fuerte rose to a ranking position in Drago’s rearguard. Drago never trusted another man with his back more than his brother. Through the years Fuerte realized he found the family he was looking for since the attack that stole his future. With these new surroundings, he began to write letters ritually to both his adopted father and his long lost cousin. During his most recent campaign, Drago’s company was ambushed by orcs deep in lizardman territory. Since there was no hope of victory, Drago did the only thing he could. He ordered his brother to warn the local garrison so they could defend the town. Fuerte did not want to leave his brother, but as a ranking member of the rearguard Fuerte was ordered by Drago: “Run Arboles run.” He ran as fast as he could and warned the garrison. The orc attack was thwarted, but Drago and his entire company was slaughtered to make that victory possible. When Fuerte saw the valley where his brother fell, he experienced a new emotion. One he had never felt – Loss. He couldn’t handle it so he did the only thing he could; he followed orders – he ran! Fuerte didn’t stop running for a long time; he resigned from the army and left carrying only his martial supplies, He left everything he cared for behind except the connections with Xenophon and Arbolis, his cousin. He is looking for a new family to replace the family-like company he left behind to die in the valley.

Arboles Fuerte Zorn

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