Shadow Aerin

Aerin's undead double in the new Serinor


Aerin’s double in the new Serinor fell on much harder times due to the treachery of Butch’s double. Now among the ranks of the shadowkin, Shadow Aerin has been installed as mistress of Hye-Aerinaa on Araline Island. Her research focuses on the barrier between life and death, the position of the undead right on the brink, and the means to move back from undeath to life.

After the final death of the purpose of her research, Chance, Shadow Aerin pivoted from researching how to move from undeath to life into how to move into undeath without leaving life. Using herself as a test subject, she became a powerful undead creature never before seen in Serinor. She called herself a lich and maintained her intellect in undeath. She fanatically pursued other test subjects that skirt the lines of light and darkness, including Brother Pious.

Though defeated during a failed invasion of the halfling capital at Amunash, she could not truly die while Aerin still lived. This proved to be her downfall. Since she had removed her soul during the conversion to a lich, as soon as Aerin touched the altar when Shadow Aerin’s soul had been bound, the lich crumbled to dust. The merging of their souls is largely seamless, though Shadow Aerin’s dark fury can still sometimes bleed through into Aerin’s actions.

Outside Perceptions of Shadow Aerin

—Admiral Butch Barker

“Seamless? have you been hit with her dark fury? Every time she stubs her toe she goes into a rage now.”

Shadow Aerin

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