Shirimpar of Atellos

A freed lizardman born from near-pure dragon's blood


Shirimpar of Atellos, or Shrimp as he’s know to his friends, is a lizardman so close to pure draconic stock that he retains the dragon’s wings and powerful breath weapon. Emancipated from the dragons’ mental control, Shrimp became a cleric in the orcish Cult of the Warlords. Since lizardmen are killed on site by any orc and their religious leaders in particular, where he received his ordination is something of a mystery.

The heroes encountered Shrimp on a routine dragon hunt comissioned by the orcs. After an initial skirmish, Shrimp agreed to join the heroes on their mission to slay a local dragon in return for leaving orcish lands for good. The party later encountered him again, when he assisted them in bearing the Thinblade of Arkosh to the Tower of Miriliclyn to destroy the Primal Hero Shrine.

He has not been seen since the heroes were transported to the parallel Serinor. He appeared in the Ancestor Spirit Cave on Butch’s Spirit Quest.

Shirimpar of Atellos

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