Keth Able

An orcish cleric with a propensity for violence


Keth was stranded on Araline Island after a routine missionary trip left him at a suddenly closed port. He was hounded by a novice lukosian wizardess named Aerin, who was fascinated by the process by which magic sprang from a divine rather than arcane source. Assisted by Kamehameha and Butch Barker, Keth and Aerin crushed shadowkin plans to invade Araline.

After leading his friends back to orcish lands to gain favor with his superiors, Keth found his plans hijacked by the quest to awaken the Thinblade of Arkosh and destroy the Primal Hero Shrine. Upon arrival in the parallel Serinor, Keth parted ways with Aerin and Butch, intending to head back to orcish lands to further his political career. Once there, he started a civil war against the faction led by the local version of himself. Since neither could die while the other lived, the war dragged on until Aerin returned with knowledge of how to join the two Keths’ souls.

Keth is currently Warlord of the Orcs, and leads his decimated people more in reconstruction of their homeland than in campaigns against the dragons. Many of his policies are quite unpopular, such as barring females from combat until they’ve born two children.

Keth Able

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