A two-weapon fighter out to make his fortune in Serinor


Kamehameha was stranded on Araline Island along with Butch Barker after an unfortunate gambling incident with the captain of the ship on which they’d been sailing. The two erstwhile friends joined forces with Keth Able and Aerin to assist the humans of the island in reestablishing contact with the native goblins and ended up putting an end to a shadowkin invasion.

As a rare elf stricken with wanderlust, Kame decided to stay with his new companions as they adventured around Serinor, always on the lookout for a way to make his name and his fortune. His inroads into acquiring land for sugar plantations and rum production for eventual smuggling runs into dry human territories were put on hold when the group got caught up in the quest to destroy the Primal Hero Shrine.

Upon arrival in the parallel Serinor, Kame disappeared into the night. His closest friend, Butch, assumes that his wanderlust got the best of him when he had an entire new world to explore. It’s also possible he got tired of missing great opportunities to make money. He hasn’t been seen since.

Shadow Kami was used as a guard on Araline, near where his body fell. The party defeated him and set his soul free.


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