A legendary lukosian scholar who predates the Time of Chaos


Liall was around before the Hero Shrines were sealed, and some whisper he’s going to be around a lot longer. Though he’s no longer young, he continues his cutting edge research into the nature of the planes surrounding Serinor. His assistance was essential to the eventual sealing of the Hero Shrines which ended the Age of Heroes. When the sudden sealing of the astral plane stopped all forms of teleportation, he started on work to find a way around it.

Liall, one of the researchers called in to assist with the study of the Thinblade of Arkosh, removed it from orcish hands and sent it with the heroes to awaken the true power of the blade. This eventually led to the final destruction of the Primal Hero Shrine, our heroes’ exile to a parallel Serinor, and the reopening of the astral plane.

Our heroes have yet to encounter Liall in the parallel Serinor, either in person or by word-of-mouth.


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