A lukosian scholar researching transportation through the shadow plane


Erwin oversaw Hye-Erwinaa on Araline Island. His research focused on finding a reliable means of teleportation using the shadow plane as a medium. Side effects of his work included death and posession by shadow creatures. Such experimentation was responsible for the initial corruption of the paladin Adain, causing him to side with the shadowkin in their invasion of the settlement on Araline he’d sworn to protect before his conversion to unlife.

Erwin was slain by the heroes on their return to Araline Island to investigate the branch in timelines between their own Serinor and the parallel world in which they’d found themselves. His tower has been handed over to his apprentice, the undead Aerin, and renamed to Hye-Aerinaa.

He liked to impale people with giant iron spikes.


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