Brother Pious

A human priest touched by shadow


Pious only ever wanted to be a healer.

After advancing quite far in the Temple heirarchy as a healer and crusader on track to one day be the High Priest, everything seemed to go wrong. It first happened when he tried to heal a wounded paladin on the battlefield. Instead of invoking a healing light, he summoned shadowy chains of death that bound the paladin to the ground and infused Pious with a rush of stolen vitae. Pious could do nothing but watch in stunned horror as the paladin writhed and died under his hands. Bishop Pious soon found himself only Brother Pious, a cloistered monk in the backwater temple at the halfling city of Amunash.

In seclusion, Pious learned to control his new powers so he would no longer slay those he tried to heal. But he could not get them to go away, and even the Light itself was silent on why the ability had suddenly manifested. He would have remained cloistered indefinitely, but when Butch Barker approached the bishop at Amunash about hiring the services of a healer, the terrified man knew exactly how to get Pious out of his hair.

Brother Pious

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