Herds Against the Seal

Captain Barker's First Ship


Commissioned by Hack Weimaraner, the Herds Against the Seal was originally a trading vessel specializing in antarctic voyages to collect seal pelts. Weimaraner even had a lukosian enchant one of the holds to contain a perpetual supply of clubs. However, as part of a deal with the shadowkin, Weimaraner crewed his ship only with potential Hero Soul candidates, so when he sank the boat and drowned them all, they could be added to the ranks of the shadowkin.

After Butch Barker arrived in the alternate Serinor, the Herds and its crew had been appropriated by Blacknose. Posing as his double, Barker commandeered the ship, which became the first vessel in what would become the Weimaraner Armada.

Herds Against the Seal

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