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  • Shirimpar of Atellos

    Shirimpar of Atellos, or Shrimp as he's know to his friends, is a lizardman so close to pure draconic stock that he retains the dragon's wings and powerful breath weapon. Emancipated from the dragons' mental control, Shrimp became a cleric in the orcish …

  • Keth Able

    Keth was stranded on [[Araline Island]] after a routine missionary trip left him at a suddenly closed port. He was hounded by a novice [[Lukosian|lukosian]] wizardess named [[:aerin | Aerin]], who was fascinated by the process by which magic sprang from …

  • Bishop Robert

    Bishop Robert, or Bob, was the human priest overseeing Araline Island, including the governance the human settlement and the conversion of the local goblins. He is assumed to have been killed during the shadowkin assault on Araline.

  • Brother Pious

    Pious only ever wanted to be a healer. After advancing quite far in the Temple heirarchy as a healer and crusader on track to one day be the High Priest, everything seemed to go wrong. It first happened when he tried to heal a wounded paladin on the …

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