Fairies are a race of elemental spirits with agendas either comical or aggravating to the mortal races of Serinor. Smaller than halflings and sprite-like in appearance, every fairy has a set of large butterfly wings emblazoned with patterns reminiscent of their favored element: fire, wind, water, or earth. They claim to predate the world itself, and both elf and dragon admits that the fairies were here before either of them.

Historical Significance

The fairies are mostly beneficent elemental spirits. Only mostly beneficent because, regardless of the fact that they tend to sympathize with the humans and their divine endeavors, the elements and the sanctity of the fundamental powers in Serinor will always take precendence. They do not truly have anybody’s best interests at heart except Serinor’s. This attunement to the elemental powers of Serinor and their magical nature in general gives them great control over the area surrounding their four cities, each founded on a different elemental hotspot, and the cities themselves tend to disappear when the fairies sense hostile creatures nearby.

Quick Facts

  • Fairies speak the Primordial language of the elementals.
  • Fairies are immortal. When a fairy dies, it is recycled to the elemental planes, from which it will eventually reemerge as a freshly minted fairy. Some can recall aspects of their previous lives, but most information is lost in the interim.
  • Fairies offer quick teleportation between each of their cities, though the process is dangerous (i.e. fatal) to non-elementals or those not properly prepared.

Outside Perceptions of the Fairies

Admiral Butch Barker—
bq. “They don’t exist. No one’s seen them.” <redacted>


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