These diminutive humanoids live exclusively in the pastoral, lakeside city of Amunash. They have a great love of leisure and home that prevents nearly all of them from ever leaving. Some of them do set out to see the world, of course, and their mischievious natures and sticky fingers give them mixed welcome in cities controlled by the human-allied races. Other cities tend to see falflings as snacks, and the falflings tend to avoid them. While possessing no great magical talent of their own, the falflings’ remarkable intelligence and creativity led them to partner with the lukosians to create an impressive collection of gadgets and inventions that are unmatched in any part of Serinor.

Marty Sawyer is a halfling that runs trade caravans from Gelaham to Erelikoth and Kognar.

They made the Clockwork.

An awesome race of nomadic people. They travel in caravans across the land trading with various peoples. Don’t catch their caravans on fire or they get mad.


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