Humans are an extremely religious race that has spread across all of Serinor in their neverending quest to bring the teachings of the Divine Light to every corner of their world. Each of their cities centers around its temple, where the human priests offer healing and guidance. The seat of the human religion, the High Temple of Gelaham, is known the world over, both for the scope of its command and the religious zeal of its guardians, the paladins. The sheer presence of the High Temple fades as one moves farther from its location in Gelaham, and remote human settlements are known to be home to less than divine activities.

Historical Significance

The humans are a radical offshoot of the older orcish race. The rise of the humans is often considered the starting point of the Third Epoch of Serinor’s history. When the Divine Light was discovered shining down from the peak of Holy Mount Gela, the orcs that had settled around it began to worship it instead of the Elder Gods revered by their kin. Over time, the Light bleached their skin, and their focus on piety over war reduced their once-ferocious stature. Today, orcs view their human kin as weaklings fit only to be ignored, while humans view the orcs as heathens in need of conversion. This has led to more than one unfortunate border skirmish.

The humans’ most important contribution to Serinor is the advent of theology and divinity. While countless generations of orcs, elves, and dwarves revered the Elder Gods of Serinor, these gods never directly invested their followers with any sort of divine power. They would interact with Serinor directly, but no mortal ever held divine power granted through them. The humans changed that. Through their worship of the Divine Light, they tapped into something greater than even the Elder Gods, and through their study and piety, introduced a truly divine power source into Serinor. Their teachings spread across the world, and were adopted by the halflings and (with some significant changes) the kobolds. Though all races (except the fairies and dragons) eventually formed their own divine religious orders, none come close to the cultural pervasiveness held by the humans and their Divine High Temple.

Quick Facts

  • Humans still speak Orc in their daily affairs, though Supernal is used for all official Temple business.
  • There are no half-orcs in Serinor. On the rare occasion that a human and an orc interbreed, the resulting offspring is always an orc.
  • Most humans are subsistance farmers in the hilly regions of the southern Amin continent. They all make yearly tithes to the High Temple to support various evangelical works.

Outside Perceptions of the Humans

Admiral Butch Barker—

“An arrogant and stubborn race, but what do you expect from a race descended from orcs? Don’t interact with them unless you are willing to pay at least lip service to the Light. They do make good healing potions though.”

Arboles “Fuerte” Zorn—

“They hate lizardmen and don’t seem too nice to shadowkin. Xenophobic and paranoid is what humans are.”


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