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Welcome to Serinor

The world’s a big place for as small as it is. If you’re new, you might want to familiarize yourself with the races of Serinor. Or, if geography’s more your thing, check out some of the important places in the world. You might also be interested in a brief history of Serinor. It’s fascinating, trust me. Especially the bit about the Age of Heroes, which is behind so much of the way the world is today in the Time of Chaos.

But really, one of the most important parts of your time here is the ever-unfolding story of our newest batch of heroes, Butch Barker and his zany band of pirates. The link for the Adventure Log above will take you right to their newest hijinks exploits.

But above all, welcome to Serinor. We’re glad to have you.

Main Page

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