Time of Chaos

The Time of Chaos is the current epoch of Serinor’s history. Twenty-three years have passed since the end of the Age of Heroes. Lukosian scholars, working in league with the shadowkin, have recreated a calendar by which such things can be measured. Of course, most of Serinor is not privy to this information. Few truly understand that the fall of the sun is a marker for the passage of time. Even fewer know their age or understand the concept of a birthday. Indeed, for any born before the Time of Chaos, the very idea of a birthday is meaningless.

But the Fourth Epoch has ended, and time marches on once more. For as many who remember the timeless day of the Age of Heroes, there are now nearly as many who have lived always with the circadian cycles of the Time of Chaos. Though scholars and theologians bicker over whether Serinor has truly entered the Fifth Epoch of its history, life must go on in the end, for time no longer waits for anyone.

The Time of Chaos brought changes that would have been unthinkable during the static Fourth Epoch. The elves and the lukosians went to war, each believing the other party to be the aggressor; the unbridled fury of nature and the raw might of the arcane scarred portions of the Rutoshen Continent such that they no longer support life. Open hostilities have ended, but tensions still run high. The Dragons returned and expected the lizardmen to return to their traditional roles as mindless thralls. Neither side truly expected the rebellion. Now the lizardmen are a race divided, and the traitors fight a losing battle to hide from their former brethren and maintain their independence. The Divine High Temple lost nearly all influence over the humans when, for the first time in known history, the light of the sun faded over Holy Mount Gela. Though magic now bathes the mountain in perpetual daylight, the humans are more fractured than ever before.

Such magic was a feat in itself, for with the sealing of the astral plane and the severing of the Hero Shrines, what had before been common magic was suddenly just impossible. Not only were Heroes no longer independently immortal, the prayers constructed long before by human priests to resurrect their remains stopped functioning. In addition, many forms of conjurations and magical travel that relied upon a porous astral plane were no longer viable, rendering entire wings of the Library of Esselte obsolete. Though the humans have recreated crude but effective means of using the Light to channel life back into a dead body, the lukosians still toil endlessly over efficient means to travel magically.

For suddenly, there are so many more places to travel. When the sun again began its motions around the world of Serinor, an entire new world locked for uncountable ages in darkness was rediscovered by kobold pirates. Ruins of cities, ports, and castles lost to history dotted an entire hemisphere rife for exploration, settlement, and looting. Heroes are in high demand to protect these explorers, settlers, and looters from a myriad of territorial creatures that spent the entire Fourth Epoch in darkness. Additionally, since “hero” no longer means “immortal,” more heroes than ever are taking up the mantle.

Of course, even the Time of Chaos could not change some things. The humans crusade against the undead shadowkin, even though they have been accepted by most races since the revelation of their origins. The dwarves tunnel endlessly under the mountains, the halflings tinker endlessly with their magical gadgetry, the orcs wage constant war against themselves and their ancient draconic enemies, the kobolds hold their monopoly on sea travel, the lukosians pursue their arcane research in their laboratories and libraries.

And through it all, the fairies laugh and laugh as the entire world dissolves into chaos.

Time of Chaos

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